São Bento Railway Station


Copyright: Rostyslav Savchyn/Unsplash

São Bento Railway Station

A must-see while in Porto is the São Bento Railway Station. More than just a train station, this place is another architectural jewel, among the many others this city boasts. Built by the Portuguese architect José Marques da Silva in 1900, the São Bento Railway Station opened to the public sixteen years later. Its construction took place on the site that once housed a Benedictine monastery, hence the name São Bento. The architecture has a French Renaissance influence, and even though its facade is already quite impressive, its interior is what leaves visitors truly awestruck. The main hall is beautifully decorated–from the ground to the ceiling — with more than 20,000 "azulejos" (Portuguese tiles), which recount important events of the history of Portugal.

Do & See

In Porto, there is so much to see and do. Be sure to visit the port wine caves, its vibrant open-air markets, historic churches, but remember to set aside some time to admire its beautiful architecture and colorful neighbourhoods.