Praia da Luz


Copyright: Olena Bloshchynska/Shutterstock

Praia da Luz

Praia Da Luz is both a restaurant and a beachside café. It offers everything from pancakes for breakfast, afternoon tea, seafood dishes, local cuisine, and even midnight snacks. In the summer, enjoy their beautiful terrace overlooking the sea, while in the winter, visitors can eat in front of a log fire.


The people of Porto managed to acquire the name "tripeiros" or "tripe eaters", as they shipped out all their fine cuts of meat in order to feed their armies and traders abroad, conquering across the seas back in the 15th century. However, today there is a lot more on the Portuguese menus than just leftover offal of lower quality, and much port wine to wash it all down with. Being on the coast, seafood restaurants are both ubiquitous and delicious. The city also has a good array of Brazilian-inspired restaurants, reflecting its former colonial links with the South American country — Brazilian barbecues are a carnivore’s heaven!