Casa Da Guitarra (House of Guitars)


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Casa Da Guitarra (House of Guitars)

Casa da Guitarra is a string instruments shop specialising in traditional Portuguese string instruments. Assembly, sale, promotion, and learning about string instruments all happen here, with extra room for cultural events--the perfect shop for buying something genuine and Portuguese.


Porto’s main shopping street is the pedestrianised Rua de Santa Catarina in the city centre, where you will find famous international brands as well as the large Centro Comercial ViaCatarina Shopping Center. However, the small streets off the main streets are also worth a visit, brimming with independent shops selling fresh bread, cheese, and cakes, interspersed with bookstores and traditional shoe shops. Gold jewellery is another speciality of Portugal, a reflection of its colonial past and its conquests of gold-rich lands in South America. For a taste of daily Portuguese life, pay a visit to one of Porto’s many open-air markets to mingle with the locals and try some local delicacies.